Monday, August 9, 2010

Restoration Photos for 8 August 2010

This week's photos from Donna Gorrell show new forms laid for walkways behind the house and dirt pathways where additional paths will be laid.

Thanks, Donna!


  1. I kayaked to Rock Island today to view the "work in progress." From what I saw, they are ruining the natural beauty of the island. The Tiger Lilies have been destroyed. Cement is taking over. I would have thought with 1/4 of the money being spent they could have preserved what was there without turning it into another tourist trap. The planned sewer line from the island to Fishers Landing is craziness.
    Time another year or so) will tell what the finished product is like. I hope I am wrong. Iris Waterson, Fishers Landing

    Iris Waterson, Fishers Landing

  2. I too have seen the work done at Rock Island and am extremely dissapointed to see that it looks like it will be turned into another tourist trap exclusively, without regard to the natural beauty of the spot. Since Rock Island is one of my favorite places to visit, I attended the public meeting back in July of 2007. The plan at that time indicated paths thru the island, not!!! cement walkways.
    I agree with restoring the keepers house and the lighthouse, but please leave the other end of the island in a natural state!

    Bonnie Borrello, Fishers Landing